Why pick us?

Instant Activation

We don't like waiting so why should you? With Nova Hosting you can get straight into using the service you paid for. ** Please note, unfortunately, we are unable to offer instant set-up on Dedicated servers.

Top Support

Hardware issues? Stuck with a Plugin? Need some help setting up some software? We are here to help, just drop us a support ticket and one of our experienced support members will have you sorted in no time.

High Security

Do you care about your files? Would you trust a host that doesn't? Nova Hosting make sure your files are safe and secure, by ensuring that we are using a secure firewall, strong passwords, 2FA, and regular malware scanning.

Exceptional Uptime

Why should you have to worry about server down time? We maintain a 99.9% uptime on all of our services and usually only go down for necessary restarts and maintenance to keep everything running as smoothly as possible!

Control Panel

Easy management is crucial! This is why most of our services come with a powerful control panel, so it is easy to run basic maintenance, like updating your website, Adding a new Email user and of course, getting your online presence started!

Affordable Pricing

We offer some of the best prices in the industry, and we frequently run discounts for out customers! Make sure you are on our mailing list to take part!

Official Partners


We've teamed up with @tawk.to as a Partner! We Look forward to giving our customers free, unrestricted access to the number one chat application on the planet today.

Nova Hosting & Kingston Technology

Kingston Memory

Nova Hosting has proudly teamed up with Kingston Technology as an official partner. We look forward to using our partnership with kingston to give our customers an even better experience!

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